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Working Papers

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“Time-Varying Exchange Rate Dynamics: A Nonlinear Role for Fundamentals”, Co-authored with Steve Furnagiev. Expected to be submitted in 2019. [Abstract]

"Structural Breaks in U.S. Macroeconomic Time Series: Comparing Bayesian Model Averaging with Indicator Saturation", Co-authored with Adam Check (University of St. Thomas) and Jeremy Piger (University of Oregon). [Abstract]

“Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Expectations: Does the term of the interest rate expectations matter?" 

“Effect of Risk Measures on the Relationship Between Exchange Rate Spread, Volume and Volatility” 

"Rationality and the Meese and Rogoff Exchange-Rate-Disconnect Puzzle: Learning vs Contingent Knowledge", Presented at INET’s 4th Annual Plenary Conference, Hong Kong, 2013. 


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